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A Short Bio of the Bloggerette
Hi, my name is Chelle! I am currently a student at the University of Iowa. I graduated with an English degree and am now pursuing an MA in Information and Library Science. Reasons why I blog and things I enjoy reading can be found at my new blog, The Prairie Library.

Do you have a special relationship with books? Tell me your story.


  1. Intriguing story...I, too, love reading and have huge stacks. But I'm not so worried anymore about finishing by a deadline. It's not work, people! It's fun.

    I grew up on a farm, in a very "controlling" household,so my only contacts with the outside world and "other" ideas came from books. My father did not encourage reading, but my mother secretly took me to the library when she went to the little country village.

    My first book from the library (at age 8) was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. And so it began.

  2. I, too, came from a controlling environment, Laurel! Limited TV, radio, friends, etc. But the library was allowed, and did we ever use it (both school and public)! We would stay up late, reading by a pen flashlight underneath our bedcovers. It broadened our knowledge-base and our vocabulary, and allowed us to travel the world when family vacations were unthinkable.
    The hard part...getting up on time every morning!

  3. Hi Chelle. I also have a degree in English and I can honestly say that, along with my wonder family, books are my life. I signed up to be a follower and sure hope I can keep up the commitment to visit you here often. I'm in the final revision stage of my fourth novel and a trying to get it off to an agent, as well as starting up a new blog, so time is short. But isn't that the case for all of us? Stop by for a visit at http://www.enterthebetween.blogspot.com.