Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Life as Fiction

I have begun writing. I'm calling it fiction even though I draw alot from memory. It's a short story about a young couple who take a road trip to California much like the one my husband and I took - so much so that instead of calling the characgters Jon and Michelle their names are Ron and Elle. Jon likes that. In his book "On Writing" Stephen King reports that real writers don't watch TV. They read and write then read some more. Much of what King says about teaching writing is bogus - all that about good writers never become great writers because either you have it or you don't. Whatever. But I figure, I hate TV anyways (I want to punch the Bachelor in the face) so I'll begin writing a story. I've started with memories, something I know - traveling to the west coast. It's easier for me. This is, after all, the first bit of fiction I've attempted since the 3rd grade. I'm always looking for story suggestions so if you have an idea let me know.


  1. "I like movies, books, my PS3, fishing, hiking, camping, and so on."

    hmmmm...i may have to find a way to clone you.

  2. Ron and Elle. Clever! Can't wait to hear more. Trish